2 Manuka honey lozenges flavors

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What do Manuka Forest Gold lozenges offer you?
Natural Manuka 100 by 100 not manufactured with refined sugar and without any additives or artificial colors:
** The effect of one pill of the sweetness of Manuka Forest Gold lozenges on your health
Kills bacteria and germs associated with mouth and throat infections
* Fighting pain, congestion and sore throats
* Soothes coughing and sneezing

Moisturizing the throat and mouth area with long-lasting hydration
* Four natural medicinal flavors with distinctive health benefits
* Propolis original flavor
* Lemon
* Ginger
* Black currant
* Eliminates mouth odors and refreshes the breath for a fresh breath and a smart smell for the mouth and breathing that lasts long
1- A concentration of +15 UMF equivalent to (+514 MGO) at the highest concentration and with all the powerful Manuka benefits
2-4 different distinct natural flavors suitable for all tastes..made in a scientific way to melt in your mouth gradually giving a distinctive long freshness
3-8 pills at the highest weight that last with you for a long time 48 grams and in the best form for absorption inside the human body
4- Easy to carry and use with you, take it with you anywhere


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